Jay-Z Disses Bieber; Beliebers Pitch Hissy

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Controversy sells. Jay-Z is a tycoon because he knows what sells. He can brag about "the intelligence that Jay-Z has" because he has the numbers to back it up.

So now Hova and his lady are stirring the pot again, riling people up and selling tickets in the process.

At the opening night of the joint Jay-Z and Beyonce tour called "On the Run", the Jumbotron screens flashed images of stars and legends of the past who had been printed and mugshot by police. These included Sean "Diddy" Combs, Jim Morrison, Robert Downey Jr., Jane Fonda, David Bowie, Bill Gates, Tupac, and .., Justin Bieber?

Beyonce talked over the photo montage about how "Even the greatest can fall."

Jay-Z, whose own arrest was chronicled in his hit "99 Problems", included the Bieber mugshot after the singer was investigated for throwing eggs, as well as other run-ins with the law.

The question is whether including Bieber as among "the greatest" was done as a joke, a diss, or in earnest. As this video shows, Bieber's image was flashed in a band-tacit moment when the line "Poof … vamoose son of a bitch" happened. (Note the 0:59 mark)

Fans up and down both sides are already supplying their opinions.

The concert was also noted for showing heretofore unseen video footage of Jay-Z and Beyonce's wedding, much to the delight of fans.

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