Jay Mohr Roasts Danica Patrick at NASCAR Awards Show


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Actor, stand-up comedian, and radio host Jay Mohr provided comedic entertainment at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards Friday night in Las Vegas. Mohr took the stage to roast several of the famous drivers in the audience.

At least one of them, however, didn't appear to find Mohr's ribbing funny.

Danica Patrick was seated near the stage with her boyfriend and fellow race car driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr., prompting Mohr to send a zinger her way.

"Danica, I hope you're not too uncomfortable tonight. I know you're not used to being this close to the front."

Maybe it was the gasp from the audience, or maybe it was the icy look on Patrick's face that prompted Mohr to add: "It's a comedy show. Jeez Louise."

He then applauded Patrick for being the first woman to win the pole at Daytona and said he respected her for silencing "the haters."

Cut-away shots showed Patrick still not looking happy, so Mohr kept at it: "Somebody ... put a smile on that face."

While his girlfriend could be seen closing her eyes and shaking her head in obvious chagrin, Stenhouse appeared equally put off by Mohr's roast, which soon turned on Stenhouse himself.

"Ricky knows what we all know — sometimes the guy has to step aside and let the woman lead … just ask Kevin Harvick," Mohr said.

Cut-away shots showed Harvick laughing amiably, obviously more aware that the jokes were indeed just part of a comedy show.

Mohr rifted on other NASCAR champions present at the awards ceremony, including Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon, and Clint Bowyer.

Patrick retaliated later when she accepted an award, thanked her fans for their support, and added "I think it's pretty safe to say, Jay Mohr's not one of them."

Last week's Champions Week celebration in Vegas concluded the 2013 NASCAR season.

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