Jaren Lockhart: Police Resume Investigation In Murder Case

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On June of 2012, Jaren Lockhart’s dismembered body was found a few days after she went missing in New Orleans.

According to the Hancock County Sheriff Office’s investigation, Lockhart, 22, was murdered shortly after she left Bourbon Street, which is the location of the club where she worked.

Now, two years after Lockhart was found, the police are resuming their investigation. Their main concern in the past was that they went as far as they could and “didn’t have the resources to move it further.” The Kenner Police Department is now aiding in the investigation, since one of the suspects in the case resides in Kenner.

Based on the surveillance images acquired by the authorities, Lockhart was seen leaving her place of work along with a couple identified as Margaret Sanchez, 29, and Terry Speaks, 41.

Speaks was a doorman at Stiletto’s Cabaret, which is located beside Lockhart’s workplace. He is currently serving jail time for neglecting to register himself as a sex offender, but is slated for release from federal prison in October.

A month after Lockhart’s murder, Sanchez appeared in an episode of Final Witness and stated that one of her best friends named Addie Hall was also dismembered back in 2006. According to Detective Glenn Grannan, knowing two people who have been dismembered seems too much of a coincidence.

Neighbors describe living next to Margaret Sanchez and Terry Speaks

Kenner Police will be going over all the details of the case. They will also be conducting re-interviews of people who are involved in the case to make sure that they haven't missed anything.

Lockhart’s friends and family conducted a beachfront vigil in her memory. They described her as a loving mother who was caring and happy.

To date, there are still no developments from the evidence that was collected. However, some evidence was already sent to the FBI headquarters in Virginia for further processing.

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