Janelle Evans Explains Why She Wants A Second Baby

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If you watch the MTV show Teen Mom 2, then you're already familiar with one of the cast members Jenelle Evans and her very hectic lifestyle.

And if you're like a lot of viewers, you've probably been completely baffled at some of the decisions she's made, whether it's jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend, constantly being in and out of jail, or abusing drugs.

And you've probably been equally confused at Evans' decision to move in with her boyfriend of two months and choosing to have a baby with him, especially since she's only 21 years old and already has a 4 year old son that her mother has custody of.

But the North Carolina native isn't apologizing for her decision, and she says that she and boyfriend Nathan Griffith are completely ready to have a child, despite knowing each other for such a short period of time. And Evans says she wants to have a child right now because she doesn't want her son Jace and her new baby to be too far apart in age.

"Jace is getting older," she said. "He's gonna be almost five, so it's like I don't want him to be so separated from his siblings."

And even though she doesn't have custody of her son, Evans says she'll be a great mom to her new child, and she's eager to do so because she didn't have that same chance with Jace.

"We know we can do this," she states. "Everyone thinks that, 'Oh, well, they both don't have custody of their children,' well, it doesn't matter. We both know we didn't really get the opportunity to even try to raise our children to prove to people that we could."

However, her actions both in the past and right now may say otherwise because Evans has admitted to smoking marijuana while being pregnant with her second child. RadarOnline revealed text messages that Evans sent to a friend recently.

"We can smoke and chill on a huge f--king blunt lol," she allegedly wrote. "Let's drive and smoke I don't want to be here. Just down the strip and back or something. I need to get away."

By the looks of that text, it seems the reality star has yet to put her childish ways behind her, so there's a very good chance that she'll continue to have a difficult time being a responsible parent. I'll guess we'll all get to see how she does on the next season of Teen Mom 2, as she's expected to have her new baby this coming summer.

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