Jamie-Lynn Sigler Flaunts Her New Beau


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Pump the breaks – its not exactly what you're thinking. “Sopranos” actress, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, is still very much in love with her fiance', baseball player, Cutter Dykstra.

However, they both have a new addition to their family. The two recently did an interview with US Weekly where they introduced their handsome little boy to the world. Meet their first-born child: two-month old Beau Kyle. Sigler revealed her glowing sentiments of motherhood. “It's such an overwhelming feeling of responsibility, of love, of fear, of everything," Sigler says of her new role as a mother. She also said she gets, "how they say you will never know what love is until you have a child." According to US Weekly, Sigler endured a grueling 36 hours of labor before she finally laid eyes on her 8lb 4oz bundle of joy. Beau Kyle was born Aug. 28 at 3:53pm in Los Angeles.



Sigler took to Twitter to announce the US Weekly interview and share the little boy's first public pictures with the world.


The growing family is looking forward to a loving and prosperous future. The two have been engaged since January but have no plans to wed until 2015, with a destination wedding. For now, they both take great pleasure in being doting parents to their son.

After the wedding, they do plan to add more children to the mix, but for now, Beau Kyle will be getting all of their love and attention. "This little man needs his time!,” quipped Sigler.



Image via Twitter | Jamie-Lynn Sigler