Jamie Lee Curtis Shows Up As A 'Street Fighter' At EVO 2015

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The Evolution Championship Series 2015, or EVO, happened last weekend and the World's Coolest Mom, Jamie Lee Curtis, appeared incognito as Street Fighter's Vega.

In a Twitter post, Curtis announced that she went to the EVO event with her son Thomas as a graduation present and that she disguised herself as the mask-clad fighter Vega.

Curtis, mainly known for her character in the Halloween movie series, also came with her husband, writer and director Christopher Guest.

Both father and son were also dressed up as characters from video games.

Guest came as Tekken's Doctor Bosconovitch while Thomas turned up as Dee Jay, another character from Street Fighter.

Curtis' tweet came with a photo of the family posed in their characters' famed stance.

The Halloween star also posted a photo of her holding Vega's mask close to her face.

Though EVO usually features guest celebrity appearances to promote the event, Curtis' attendance still came as a surprise to fans at the tournament.

After all, the EVO series is a yearly three-day-event for fans of fighting games and spirited players, and its "hyper-specific subset of video game culture" caters to one genre.

Apparently, the claw- brandishing Spanish cage fighter Curtis/ Vega is also a fighting game fan. She even revealed that she would also like to portray Cammy, another character in Street Fighter.

While promoting her latest movie, Spare Parts, the audience asked Curtis to choose between Ryu or Ken, and she humorously said she favored Cammy.

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