Jamie Foxx Laughs Off Katie Holmes Dating Rumors

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Jamie Foxx is laughing off persistent rumors that he is dating Katie Holmes.

While speaking to paparazzi in Los Angeles on Friday, Jamie Foxx shut down rumors of a secret romance with Katie Holmes.

Jamie Foxx finally had his say when a cameraman asked how things were going with the former Mrs. Tom Cruise.

“Oh, come on, you guys have been trying to make that stick for three years,” said Jamie Foxx.

When asked whether there’s any truth to the speculation, Foxx replied, “No. We’re just friends.”

In order to shut down the rumors once and for all, Jamie Foxx revealed that he and Katie Holmes are collaborating on an animation project from Anthony Zuiker.

Gossip Cop has already reported that the much-discussed picture of Holmes and Foxx “holding hands” was actually taken at a read-through for the movie, and there were other people in the room.

“They’ve been trying to [start romance rumors] for three years, man,” Foxx told the paparazzo with a resigned shrug.

Like many celebrities before him who have been in the same situation, he conceded that he was getting sick of the speculation, but said it’s “part of our lives [as celebrities]. Part of the business.”

Pam Wright