James Blunt New Album, "Moon Landing" Streaming


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It seems like James Blunt came out with his debut hit, "You're Beautiful" and then then completely disappeared from the charts and music world entirely. While he's made other albums, it seems the star hasn't resonated with his fans quite like how he did with his original album.

But good news because Blunt is back. His newest album doesn't come out for another three weeks, but if you're just dying to listen, you're certainly in luck. Our friends over at Billboard are streaming his fourth studio album, "Moon Landing" in its entirety today.

The album was produced by Tom Rothrock who has worked with artists from Beck to the Foo Fighters. Rothrock worked with Blunt on his multi-platinum selling 2004 debut album, "Back to Bedlam."

In an interview he did with Billboard, Blunt said, “I have written it very much without an audience in mind.”

He went on to say, “In many ways this is, perhaps, the album that I would have recorded if my fast album ‘Back to Bedlam’ hadn’t sold in the way that it did.”

But regardless if fans like the new tunes or not, Blunt doesn't seem to mind.

“It’s not about selling, he says. “It’s not about units. I do what I do because it means something to me," said Blunt.

"Moon Landing" comes out on Nov. 5. Listen to the album here.

Photo Credit: YouTube