Jake "The Snake" Roberts Diagnosed With Cancer

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Legendary wrestler Jake "The Snake" Roberts has cancer. He announced it to the celebrity gossip site TMZ on Friday.

Apparently, Roberts, who's 58, has developed a cancerous tumor behind one of his knees, but initially he had no idea what was bothering him or what the lump was, so he went to his physician, had some tests and was told the bad news shortly after.

Lately, Roberts has been taking on opponents in the Jersey Championship Wrestling league, but he'll obviously take some time off to deal with his new diagnosis and undergo the necessary treatment. He's scheduled to have surgery to remove the tumor this coming Tuesday.

But the Texas native said he'll be back with Jersey Championship Wrestling as soon as the surgery is over, even if the cancer hasn't been completely removed. He also says he plans to attend the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in New Orleans that's taking place in the near future.

So is Roberts scared of everything that's been happening to him? He probably is, but he's keeping a stiff upper lip to the press and says people shouldn't worry about him because he's a natural born fighter and he'll conquer the disease with no problem. In addition, he says to pray for those who aren't as strong as him, because they'll need it more.

"If the devil can't defeat me, cancer doesn't stand a chance in hell," he said. "Pray for sick children who face this horrible disease cause The Snake will be just fine."

And despite all that's going on with the wrestler, he seems to be in very high spirits, as he sent out a tweet recently that said he's enjoying competing right now and he just had two wonderful matches.

"What a weekend," wrote Roberts. Two great shows with @JCprowrestling and now headed home with only two hours sleep. Still feel good though."

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