Jack Nicholson Gives Internet The Best Reaction To Jared Leto's Joker

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Jack Nicholson may not have been the original Joker, but he certainly gave Batman fans a memorable performance as the deranged villain in Tim Burton's version of the story. With the arrival of a new film based in that universe--Suicide Squad--fans have been clamoring for photos of the new characters, but the first one to be released was underwhelming to a lot of loyal Bat-Fans. Now, Nicholson has given us a "reaction" to the photo--of Jared Leto as a screaming, tattooed version of the Joker--and it's making the rounds on the web this week after going viral.

Sure, YouTube user Tonimcee edited some emotional scenes from About Schmidt to look like Nicholson was reacting to the photo, but it's still a pretty good bit. It's unclear how Jack really feels about Leto's take on the villain, but Twitter isn't being shy about voicing opinions on how the film will turn out, especially after new photos were released over the weekend showing the majority of the cast, including Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Will Smith as Deadshot.

Despite some trepidation from fans about how close the film will stay to the comics, there's still a lot of buzz surrounding the cast, with many excited to see what the studio will do with it. More images from the set have been released that show Robbie in full costume, menacingly carrying a baseball bat across her shoulders as she stalks around in tiny shorts and high heels.

Amanda Crum
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