iWork.com Shuts Down on July 31, Time To Clear Out

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It seems that now is not a good time to be using one of Apple's older cloud services. This morning we brought you news that Apple had, as promised, pulled the plug on MobileMe over the weekend, giving users one last chance to clear their data out or lose it forever. Now Apple's other cloud service - the iWork.com beta - is on its last legs as well. Just like with MobileMe, iWork.com's features are getting rolled into iCloud.

Apple opened up the iWork.com beta in 2009 to provide iWork users a way to store and edit their documents in the cloud. A year later, though, they announced iCloud. In March of this year, they announced that the iWork.com beta would be closing down on July 31st. With MobileMe officially done, iWork.com is the last of Apple's non-iCloud cloud services.

Today, Apple started sending out emails to iWork.com beta users reminding them that the service would be shutting down at the end of the month and encouraging them to migrate their data to iCloud. They've also put a rather prominent notice up on iWork.com, to the same effect:

iWork.com Closing July 31

So, the moral of the story is, if you're still using a cloud service from Apple that isn't iCloud, you'd be best advised to go ahead and move your stuff.

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