Ivanka Trump: Pregnancy Has Made Her "Efficient"

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Ivanka Trump, who is ready to have her second child in just a matter of days, is the cover girl for Fit Pregnancy Magazine this month and opened up in an interview about how she's keeping in shape during the pregnancy.

While having a toddler to keep up with might be exercise enough for some expectant mothers, the busy working mom says she also needs a routine that calms her mind as well as her body. With a name like Trump, you can be sure she's got a work ethic that can't be slowed down, even with a pregnancy.

"Motherhood has made me incredibly efficient," she said. "I know that the minutes I'm in the office, the hours I'm in the office, the days I'm in the office, I really want them to count because that's time that I'm not at home....I'm really trying to do things that sort of calm me. My routine is less about the cardio. I like doing things that help me psychologically slow down."

The 31-year old mom says she hasn't let this pregnancy dictate what she wears as much as she did with daughter Arabella, as she proves as Fit Pregnancy's cover model.

"I've actually made it through most of this pregnancy without wearing maternity clothes. The first time around, I took it so literally with the wrap dresses," says Trump. "Those things are great and good staples for one's wardrobe, but I think you can actually be a lot more playful."

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