Celebrating Nyan Cat's One Year Birthday


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How does it feel when you watch memes age before your eyes? Does it give you pause, realizing how many trends have become popular, only to be forgotten almost as quickly since Nyan Cat was uploaded? After enough memes start aging, you begin to realize you've spent a great deal of time online, and, after a while, things like Nyan Cat come and go. Melancholy looks at a life spent online aside, today is a day of celebration.

In honor of the most non-annoying YouTube meme, perhaps ever, here's the 100-hour version of the Pop Tart Cat song that helped hack a thousand websites, or, well, one anyway:

If, after a day or two, you can actually tear yourself away from that--kids, this is a great "one more video, mom" video--here's a video of the "Nyan Cat's First Birthday Party! [OFFICIAL]" which apparently means this is the official party video, meaning, any other videos of the party are not? Who knows in this day and age...

Of course, what would a Nyan Cat celebration be without Twitter joining in? Not much of one:

Happy 1st birthday, Nyan Cat. You're just as adorably obnoxious as when you were uploaded 1 year ago today: http://t.co/XvfaYdTa(image) 23 hours ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Make the #HAPPYBIRTHDAYNYANCAT hashtag trend, people.