Don't Worry Fellas, It Gets Bigger (Or So Says This Viral PSA)

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Back in 2010, author Dan Savage posted a video on YouTube with the hopes of getting a message out to the millions of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender kids out there that are struggling to get through each day. And that message was simple: It Gets Better.

The "It Gets Better" campaign became a global phenomenon, with celebrities and other important people from all over the spectrum coming out to support the movement. Actors, musicians, fashion icons, and whole companies like Google and Facebook made their own videos, all ending with the same "It Gets Better" message. Even President Obama got involved.

That campaign was an extraordinary example of social good, and the power that the internet community can have when they band together in support of a great cause.

The only reason I bring this up, is that "It Gets Better" serves as the template for this parody video, which is not quite as serious in its message.

But it is really funny, however.

The folks at Epic Level Entertainment have come together to let young teenage boys everywhere know that things won't always be like they are at the age of 13. Because despite what you might think, or what your friends might tell you - It Gets Bigger. I probably don't have to say this, but it has some NSFW language:

If that's not the most hopeful PSA you see all day, I don't know what is.

[h/t Laughing Squid]
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