Is There Room for Another Social Network? Zenergo Thinks So.

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Although reports show that Facebook's growth has slowed recently, it's doubtful that the social network is going away. After all, it has nearly 700 million users. For this reason, many developers want the same success that it has had and are trying to create the next big social network. However, whether or not they can do this is still up in the air.

Would consumers make time for another social network? What do you think?

According to Cyndy Sandor, the VP of Sales and Marketing for new social network Zenergo, the market is open to other types of social networks. She said, "There's room in the space for another social network of a different type."

Zenergo is specifically targeting the post-college crowd and hopes to connect users around real-world activities. With its motto of "Activate your life with less chatter and more matter," it allows users to create multiple profiles for particular activities and friends. For example, a user can have profiles for interests such as running and books and can post different content for each profile.

"With other social networks, you're creating one profile. With Zenergo, you're creating your social life around the activities that really mean something to you," said Sandor.

She told us that other social networks take a "single bucket" approach since all the contacts are in one pool. With their approach, on the other hand, she believes conversations could be better targeted and have more depth.

Sandor also said that one of the social network's goals was to get people away from their computers and involved in offline activities.

Although Zenergo is still in beta and has only been around for a short time, does it have the potential to take on Facebook?

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