Is Katy Perry Scared of Getting Serious with Robert Pattinson?


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Katy Perry reportedly has lots of apprehension where Robert Pattinson is concerned. Although the two have been friends for quite sometime, a number of sources say that the "Dark Horse" singer is petrified of the possibility of getting hurt again.

According to Cover Media, Perry and the famed Twilight actor have maintained a solid friendship for several years. Pattinson has had an on-again, off-again relationship with his Twilight co-star, Kristen Stewart, while the Perry was married to comedian-actor Russell Brand.

Now, there's speculation that things are slowly progressing beyond the friend zone. An inside source close to Perry spoke with LOOK about their alleged budding romance. A source explained that the Teenage Dream singer is interested in Pattinson, but afraid being seriously involved.

"She's mad about Rob but is so terrified of getting serious and hurt again," a source told the British publication. "I think that's why she's trying not to get too involved romantically. She'll also be super cautious of becoming one half of a celebrity couple yet again."

The source also dished about Pattinson's interest in taking things further with Perry."Rob's behavior makes it clear to anyone who sees him with Katy that he's interested in taking their friendship further."

Lately, the two have been seen together quite frequently. Several media outlets have reported that the two have been very close, often rumored to be "hugging and kissing" in public. The insider went on to reveal that the two don't go a day without talking to each other. Despite their busy schedules, they find a way to communicate either by phone or "via Skype."

"The chemistry is undeniable. Rob can be surrounded by women but seems only to have eyes for Katy. They're very close," the insider added. "From the sound of it they talk every single day, by phone, by Skype, by text."

Will Katy Perry\ and Robert Pattinson take a chance at love? Only time will tell! Fans will just have to see how it all plays out!

Image via Katy Perry, Facebook