Is Google Testing Mystery Devices On Their Employees?

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Reports are circulating around that Google is testing over 250 "mystery devices" in their employees homes. Supposedly, nobody outside Google knows what these mystery gadgets are. What is known so far is that the devices are operating off of wi-fi and that they are connecting to other devices via bluetooth. Some speculate it has to do with Google Television and upgrades that could compete with Apples new television product.

Also of interest is that these gadgets are protected under some kind of patents and are subject to special liscensing by the FCC. It was an application for the technology that sparked all the excitement concerning the testing. A segment from the documents read:

'Google is developing an entertainment device that requires testing outside the laboratory environment,'

'The device is in the prototype phase.'

Still others guess that the gadgets have more to do with testing Android@Home, a home automation system that would allow home appliances to be run by Android apps. Either way nobody knows for sure what is going on at Google.

We'll have to wait to see if it's all just hype or if there's something actually going on there.

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