Chinese Officials Raid “Apple China” Warehouse, Seize iPhone Gas Stove

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Most everybody knows that when you go to China, you have to be careful of the products you buy. While many of the products you can buy in China are, of course, genuine, there are also a lot of knock-offs. If you find a deal on a Rolex watch, for example, that’s too good to be true, you can bet that it’s probably a fake. There have even been examples of a variety of fake electronics - from gaming consoles to tablets and smartphones - reported in the country.

Now it looks like one Chinese company has decided to try and cash in on the popularity of Apple’s iPhone in a way that’s a little... novel. According to the Chinese blog Sina (Google Translation), a company calling ltself “Apple China” was caught selling an iPhone gas stove. From the pictures Sina posted (including the one above) it looks like they stuck an Apple logo and the word “iphone” on a perfectly ordinary stove. Law enforcement officials in Wuhan, China raided a warehouse and seized boxes full of the stoves. In addition to the image above, Sina posted two other images of a Chinese officer holding the stove. In the background you can see the boxes of stoves. Check them out below, then tell us what you think in the comments.

iPhone Gas Stove

iPhone Gas Stove