iPhone 6 Cases: Check Out The Coolest Must-Own Cases Around

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Worried about a bending iPhone?

If you take the initiative to protect your new smartphone it won't be a problem.

Depending on your budget, a good case will probably run you an average of $30.

Given how many hundreds of dollars the iPhone is worth, this is practically a bargain. It will certainly save you time and tears in terms of protecting your iPhone from harm!

There are a variety of cases out there to choose from that will keep your phone safe and allow you to show off your unique style.

If you're having trouble deciding, here are some really cool cases to consider!

Speck CandyShell Card Case

This "ultra-durable" case comes in three colors and has space for you to store money and cards.

Price: $45.00

Instamatic Mint Green Camera

This is one of those iPhone 6 cases that speaks to lovers of all things vintage. Available for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus!

Price: $16.00

Monoprice Ultra-Thin Shatter-Proof Case

If you want to protect your phone from harm without breaking the bank, look no further than this.

It's thin enough to make out the Apple logo, but strong enough to guard the back and sides of your iPhone against significant damage.

Price: Around $6.00

Sherlock's Home Address

This Sherlock-themed iPhone case is a silent nod that only other fans of the Sir Arthur Canon Doyle character will likely get.

Price: $16.00

Ted Baker iPhone Cases

There are simply too many of these stylish cases to choose from. If you're an aspiring fashionista, these cases belong on your "must have" list!

A personal favorite would be the women's fall/winter collection.

Price: $40.00

Icipio Performance Armband

Whether you're a runner or simply always on the run, this light-weight water-resistant armband will help keep you mobile.

Price: $30.00

More Issues Than Vogue

This is one of those iPhone cases that one sends to the drama queen in their life as a Christmas or birthday present. It may be the ideal case for when you're feeling a bit self-depreciating.

Price: $9.00

Any cool cases to recommend? Link them below!

Images via afterimages, fancase, and PressedFlowerCases

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