IPhone 5C Discount May Help Target's Sales


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IPhones, or any Apple related product, usually causes buyer fever, especially around the holiday season. Many people have some form of Apple product on their Christmas wish list. Teens and early 20-somethings are especially likely to have the IPhone 5C or the IPhone 5S on the Christmas list they give to their parents or favorite aunts and uncles. Therefore, Iphone sales will probably see a major increase from Black Friday until New Year's day. Additionally, a big discount on an IPhone 5C could entice consumers enough to shop at a  struggling company.

Last weekend, to make up for the huge data breach, Target gave a 10% discount to all their shoppers. Many have complained that the discount wasn't enough to draw them into shopping there anytime soon, or that they deserve a bigger discount. However, It could tempt enough consumers for Target to see a couple major sales days or weekends.

Over the 10% discount weekend, the Iphone sales were not enough to give Target a huge increase in profits. In fact, its sales were down by about 4% percent from last year, while other major retail stores remained about steady over that weekend.

The Target deals for last weekend, plus the 10% discount, made the Iphone 5c as low as $45 dollars. This deal also included a $50 dollar gift card.  The catch, of course,  is that you must sign a 2 year contract with one of the three major phone service providers (Verizon, AT&T or Sprint), which would cause customers to pay more in the long run. The current Target Iphone 5c sale offers the phone for between $30 and $200, with a $30 dollar gift card included.

Last minute shoppers might run out and take Target up on this tempting deal. However, they might find a better deal by searching around other retailers or waiting for the after Christmas sales, which are happening earlier than ever this year.

With so many other retailers selling IPhones, Target will have even more competition than ever, especially with people now questioning if Target is a reliable source for making purchases.

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