iPhone 5 Rumor: Sprint Paid $20 Billion For Exclusive Release

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There have been some whopping iPhone 5 related rumors the past few months, but if this turns out to be true it will dwarf them all. According to BRG.com, a source has confirmed that Sprint will purchase $20 billion worth of iPhones over the next four years. Which equates to around 30 million iPhones.

Sprint iPhone 5 exclusive

The reason for the mammoth spending is it would provide Sprint an exclusive launch of the iPhone 5. Meaning, at the Apple event, on October 4th, Apple will be announcing the iPhone 4S for AT&T and Verizon, while Sprint will enjoy the initial release of iPhone 5 all by themselves. The article states an interesting caveat concerning the deal; the exclusivity would only run until the first quarter of next year.

Would a 3-4 month exclusive iPhone 5 launch be worth $20 billion?
Tell us.

Along with the news, BGR also added some interesting tech specs for the handset:

- Large 4-inch screen, similar to LG's NOVA hi-res display
- 32GB storage
- Slightly larger design, but skinnier and a larger battery

As with all iPhone 5 rumors, this is all speculation and trusting that someone's "inside source" is correct. If it turns out to be true, this has the potential for a huge shake-up in the mobile world. Will the exclusive release for a few months be enough to make up a $20 billion paycheck? A transaction that BGR states would lose them money until 2014.