iPhone 5 Getting 4-Inch Screen, Unibody Frame [RUMOR]

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There's no doubt that the new iPhone (or iPhone 5, or iPhone 6, or whatever Apple winds up calling the thing) will be a big hit. With the latest iPad breaking sales records, there's little doubt that the next iPhone launch will be a similarly big deal.

That much is certain. Now, though, one analyst is taking a stab at just how big the next iPhone will be. Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets posted a note to investors yesterday suggesting that the next iPhone could push Apple's stock above $1,001 per share. It's currently sitting at $639 per share, while Apple's market capitalization is quickly approaching $600 billion.

White also discussed some of the details of the new phone. He confirmed suspicions that the phone will be getting an external redesign. The new iPhone will have a 4-inch screen, instead of the 3.5-inch screen that's been in the previous five models. He also said that the current iPhone form factor - glass panels front and rear banded by the device's antenna - will be replaced with a sleek unibody frame. He also said that the iPhone will be getting 4G LTE and will be coming in August or September, rather than the usual June/July timeframe.

[iPhone 5 Concept Image Credit: Frederico Ciccarese]

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