iPhone 5 Confirmed To Use Nano-SIM

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Apple was pretty thorough with their announcement of the iPhone 5 this morning. They confirmed every rumor including the larger screen and LTE connectivity. They did, however, forget to mention a few things like NFC or the rumored nano-SIM. The NFC chip is a no go, but the iPhone 5 is getting the nano-SIM format.

Apple's iPhone comparison site confirmed that the iPhone 5 will indeed use the new nano-SIM format. The change in size is obviously in response to the iPhone 5 being super slim. The micro-SIM dock wouldn't fit inside the iPhone 5's case.

iPhone 5 Nano-SIM

Unfortunately, the change means that you'll have to get a new SIM card with the purchase of an iPhone 5. Some iPhone users may have a lot of good memories with their old SIM cards, but you'll just have to get over it. You have until September 21 to say goodbye to your old SIM card before you get into the unavoidable long lines for the iPhone 5.

The new nano-SIM is just part of the iPhone 5's revealed specs. Check out our exhaustive coverage of all things iPhone 5 to get all the latest details on Apple's new device.

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