iPads On Sale, Other Apple Products Discounted For Cyber Monday

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Apple's iPad is going to be a hot holiday item, but the price may be a little prohibitive for some shoppers. There were some decent deals on Black Friday, but Cyber Monday presents the best deals there are on tech gifts.

BGR reports that MacMall is holding a big Cyber Monday sale today with multiple Apple products, including the iPad Air, being sold at a discount. First up is a 32GB iPad Air for $434 - $15 off the regular price. If you want something a little more cutting edge, the 64GB iPad Air 2 is going for $575 - $24 off the regular price. While the discounts don't seem that significant at first, MacMall regularly undercuts Apple on their retail prices. In other words, further discounts mean that shoppers can get the iPad Air for much cheaper than Apple's own prices.

If you're not into the iPad, MacMall has other Apple products on sale as well. For example, the 13.3 inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display goes for $1,029 - $269 off the regular price. For something a little lighter, the 13.3 inch iPad Air can be yours for $929 - $69 off the regular price. Finally, the 27 inch iMac with 5K Display is going for $2,399 - $100 off the regular price.

Outside of Apple products, MacMall has some fantastic deals on storage and hardware going on today as well:

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