iPad Mini Rumor: Apple Has Ordered 10 Million Units For The Holiday Season

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Are you excited for the iPad Mini? A survey from last month suggests that you are. Apple thinks you'll be excited for it as well. The company has reportedly taken out a massive order of iPad Minis just in time for the holidays.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has ordered 10 million iPad Minis to be delivered in Q4. The invite to the iPad Mini event is reportedly going out this week so we're on track for a November release if the WSJ's report is to be believed. That puts Apple in the enviable position of having two major hardware launches right before the holidays.

Of course, the iPad Mini is still an untested concept. Under Steve Jobs, the iPad Mini was not even a thing as he was famously against smaller tablets. It's the Tim Cook show now, however, and the report reaffirms the company's confidence that they can compete with Amazon and Google in the 7-inch tablet space.

Unfortunately, we still don't have a price or official specs, but we do have unverified rumors. The latest rumors are saying that the iPad Mini will feature a 7.85-inch display and the specs of an iPad 2. That, of course, means no retina display. That may be for the best as Apple is reportedly targeting the lower end of the market with the iPad Mini. Its price will have to be $300 or less to compete with the cheaper tablets offered by Google and Amazon.

Just like the iPhone 5, the rumors will most assuredly ramp up as we approach the date of the iPad Mini reveal. We'll continue to be on the lookout for the latest rumors as we head into the highly competitive holiday season. We might even hear news of other companies preemptively announcing cheaper tablets to combat their fears of the ever imposing figure of the iPad Mini.