iPad Mini Commercial Gets The Conan Treatment

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Apple sure loves their ads. The company showed at least three ads during its iPad Mini event on Tuesday. The most striking ad, however, is the television ad being used to sell the iPad Mini. It's effective and could very well convince people to pick up the new 7-inch tablet.

Despite the praise, the ad is missing a little something. Conan O'Brien has that little something in his latest take on the iPad Mini and its ad.

Conan's "ad" may be a humorous take on the sometimes ridiculous extent at which Apple fans buy the company's products, but there's some truth in there as well. Apple's Phil Schiller says the $329 price tag on the iPad Mini isn't too high because it's still the cheapest tablet that Apple has ever produced. People are still paying $400 for the iPad 2 without even thinking so the iPad Mini is in no danger whatsoever.

Some analysts, however, are disagreeing with Schiller's philosophy. They wanted Apple to "step on the throats of Amazon and Google with its pricing." That obviously didn't happen, but the iPad Mini is still going to step on a few throats.

The device goes on sale November 2. At that point, we'll learn if Apple's bet on its customers willingness to pay more will work in their favor. Until then, we can at least laugh at the jokes.

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