iPad Goes On Sale, Draws Crowds Around The World

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If there's one thing that's consistent about the release of any new Apple product, it's lines. Apple's iOS devices are hugely popular, and whether you think they're amazing and magical, or you think the Apple fanboys are just drinking Steve Jobs' kool-aid, you have to admit that their ability to draw a crowd is impressive.

Today's release of the third-generation iPad is no different. The new iPad hit stores in nine countries today, just nine days after being unveiled at a special media event last Wednesday. As usual, hundreds of people lined up outside Apple's retail stores hoping to get their hands on the new iPad.

Wozniak at the Head of the Line

For several years now Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has been first in line for new iOS devices when they launch, and this year he was again at his customary spot. He used Foursquare to check in at a mall in Century City, California last night at 9:39 Pacific time.

Whatstrending.com caught up with The Woz and talked to him for a few minutes. It turns out that he was not actually first in line this time around. He was second in line; his wife was first. Check out the video below:

While the line behind The Woz was not very long, many places saw much larger crowds. Check out some videos below:

Toronto, Canada:

Birningham, UK:

London, UK:

München, Germany:

Sydney, Australia:

Tokyo, Japan:

New York, USA:

Apple Employees Are Excited Too

Apple's fans aren't the only ones who are excited about the new iPad's launch, either. iMore got a look at how employees at Apple's retail stores got themselves ready for the launch of a new iPad at the Lincoln Road Apple Store in Miami, Florida:

Were you one of the people standing in line for a new iPad this morning? How long were you in line? What was it like? Let us know in the comments.

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