iPad 3 Launching With 4G LTE After All [Rumor]

Josh WolfordIT Management

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We're only a day away from the big iPad 3 (or is it iPad HD) event that Apple's holding in San Francisco. Invites were sent out last week, saying that the Cupertino company has "something you really have to see...and touch."

One of the biggest speculation points on the new tablet has been whether or not it's going to launch with 4G LTE capabilities. Early reports said yes, but later reports have thrown that into question. On Monday, we told you about sources that said the iPad 3 will not tote a higher price tag than the iPad 2 (something that contradicts common wisdom on the matter). The possible lack of a price hike led MIC Gadget to speculate that it was due to the iPad 3 not coming 4G LTE ready.

Now, on the eve of the suspected launch, iMore is reporting that the new iPad will come ready for 4G LTE. They quote sources that were correct on the date of the launch event who say that Apple is not planning on saving the big 4G announcement for the iPhone 5.

They also added the little tidbit that despite recent uncertainty on the availability, the new iPad will in fact launch with the A6 quad-core processor.

With many carriers expanding their 4G networks, it would make sense for Apple to launch their latest and greatest with the capability. Luckily, we only have to wait another day to find out.

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