iPad 3 Getting AppleCare+ Warranty Plan

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There are reports ahead of today's launch event that Apple is set to offer their new AppleCare+ warranty on the iPad 3/HD. The AppleCare+ plan, which was introduced with the iPhone 4S in October, covers up to two incidents of accidental damage.

The old AppleCare warranty covered only defects in the product. That is, if your headphone jack cut out or your home button quit working, AppleCare covered it. If you dropped it into the toilet or backed over it with your car, you were out of luck. Under AppleCare+, Apple will fix accidental damage twice.

The AppleCare+ warranty is expected to cost $99 for the iPad 3. Each incident of accidental damage will cost you a $49 decuctible.

Will you spring for the AppleCare+ warranty? Tell us your iPad damage horror stories in the comments.

(Image Credit: 3dom)