iOS 6 Gets A Full Video Walkthrough

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If you've been paying much attention this week, you've probably been hearing a lot about iOS 6. Apple's latest mobile operating system brings with it a huge number of new features, including Maps, Facebook Integration, Passbook, improvements to Siri, and a whole lot more.

Unfortunately, these new features won't be making it into consumer hands until the new iPhone launches this fall. If you want to get your hands on iOS 6 before then, you have to be a member of Apple's developer program. If you're not, you pretty much have to be content with the occasional leaked screenshots.

If that's not enough to quench your iOS 6 craving, though, Apple'N'Apps has published a video walkthrough that shows some of the best new features of iOS 6. It shows off the updates to the Maps app, the new Facebook and Twitter widgets in the Notification Center, the new store apps - iTunes, iBooks, and App Store - and changes to the Music app. Check it out below:

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