Ionia Prison Escape: Convicted Murder On The Loose

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According to Corrections Director Daniel Heyens, Michael David Elliot was a good prisoner. He didn't cause trouble, at least he didn't before his escape from the Ionia Correctional Facility in Michigan over the weekend.

""Nothing in this man's history would have indicated a high risk of escape. He was serving his time."

In 1994, Elliot was convicted for his role the 1993 murders of Vickie Currie, her boyfriend Michael Tufnell and his brother Bruce Tufnell, and Kathy Lane. He had been sentenced to five life sentences.

According to Fox 17, It was discovered that the 40-year-old prisoner had escaped when guards came across a hole in the fence at about 9:30PM on Sunday evening.

Despite his previous behavior as a prisoner, it seemed that Elliot was now determined to escape from the area any way he could.

This included taking hostages.

One woman, whose identity is being withheld, says that Elliot forced his way into her jeep as she sat parked. She said he was armed with a box cutter and hammer. Elliot informed her that he'd just escaped from prison. He then forced her to drive him out of the area.

The woman said that at no point did he hurt her while she was with him. Still, when one is in the car with an escaped convict who has killed before, fear for one's life is inevitable. As is a desire to get away from the situation as soon as possible.

The woman took the opportunity to sneak away to the bathroom when they stopped for gas. She locked herself in a bathroom stall and called 9-1-1.

After it was clear that the woman would not be cooperating (the dispatcher heard him yell, "Let's Go" and bang on the door"), Elliot stole her jeep. The vehicle was later found in the residential area of the town of Shipshewana, Indiana.

As for Elliot, he was last seen getting on Interstate 80/90. It is unknown what direction he was headed and he remains at large.

Michael David Elliot is described as about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 165 lbs. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with any information on his possible whereabouts is asked to contact Ionia Public Safety at 616-527-4431 or Silent Observer at 616-527-0107.

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