Internet IPOs Get Their Own Top 10 List


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We here at WebProNews love it when Internet companies go public, and not just because it provides us much needed news on what may be a slow news day. It's just fascinating to see how much these tech start ups are worth and how they plan to grow their business.

This year alone has already seen a massive IPO from Facebook in February, and Yelp started trading this month. Even though Twitter is remaining mum on the subject, they will either file this year or next.

This infographic from French tech Web site Vincentabry shows the top 10 Internet IPOs made over the past 10 years. As expected, Facebook is at the top with their massive $5 billion initial offering. It's still surprising to see after all these years, however, that a company hasn't overtaken Google to reach the number two spot.

It's also worth pointing out that half of the companies on this list filed their IPO in 2011. It may be indicative of an increased push for these start up companies to go public before they lose their momentum.

Tech IPO Top 10 List