Intel Connects Laptops to HDTVs With WiDi


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During CES 2010, WebProNews was introduced to Intel's new Wireless Display technology, also known as the WiDi.

This new device makes connecting laptops to HDTVs much simpler and convenient. Many other laptop to TV connectors require bulky cables and cords, where as the WiDi allows for a wireless connection.

 Intel's WiDi requirements:

  • laptop PC (based on company's Core processor family)
  • HD graphics
  • Centrino wireless technology

Along with the following elements, the Netgear Push2TV adapter is essential when delivering signals from the laptop to the TV. This adapter can connect to the TV from HDMI or AV cables.

From your home network, hard disk or wherever browsers will allow you to go on your TV, content such as photos, Internet radio, YouTube and Hulu can easily be shared with others.

Intel’s Wireless Display, sold together with the Netgear Push2TV adapter, is currently available on Best Buy's Blue Lable 2.0 laptops. Prices starting at $899.