Instagram Users Sent to Facebook When Reporting Other Users

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Facebook assured Instagram users that their experience with the service wouldn't change post-acquisition, and that Instagram would continue to "grow independently." While Facebook isn't necessarily backtracking on that position, they are beginning to integrate the two services little by little.

The latest integration comes in the form of user reporting. Now, when Instagram users choose to report a user (for whatever reason), they are directed to a Facebook page to complete the report.

The Facebook page asks users to use the form to report an Instagram Web Profile and gives the options of spam, nudity, hate speech, and underage user. There are links on the Facebook page the direct users back to Instagram for clarification on types of reporting.

"Instagram is owned by Facebook, so if you're logged into Facebook we may use your Facebook account info to help us figure out what's going on," reads a message on the report form.

It shouldn't be a surprise that Facebook is beginning to integrate parts of Instagram after last year's big acquisition. But that vague "you're logged in, os we're going to use that to find stuff out" message may give some privacy hounds some concern. Especially after the big privacy dustup that saw users enraged at Facebook/Instagram for changing its privacy policies to permit the selling of user photos. Kind of.

[h/t AllFacebook]
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