Instagram Sees 40% Adoption From Top Brands

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In the past few years, it's become impossible for the world's biggest brands to ignore social media. First, having a robust Facebook presence was imperative. Then, it was Twitter. Later, brands had to spread their resources across newer networks like Google+ and Pinterest.

Now, it's Instagram that's grabbing their attention.

According to a report from social media analytics company Simply Measured, 40% of the top 100 global brands now have Instagram accounts. And just over one-quarter of top brands are posting photos every week.

Companies with a strong Instagram presence include MTV, Starbucks, Burberry, Nike, GE, Gucci, and Audi.

The 40% adoption rate among top 100 shows that the brands feel that Instagram is a worthwhile place to build fans, showcase, their products, and create a more "human" face for the company - almost as important as Pinterest, which sees 51% of top brands holding active accounts.

Of course, Instagram is still a new kid on the block in terms of social involvement from brands. Facebook and Twitter are still the most important platforms for global brands, with 98% and 94% maintaining accounts, respectively:

"Instagram is expected to reach 100 million users by early fall; a benchmark that took Facebook four years to reach, and Twitter five years," says Simply Measured. "The collection of active Interbrand 100 companies already has an Instagram audience of 3 million and growing, but the top 10 brands have 96% of the engagement. The fact that this many top brands are already engaging customers successfully shows haw socially savvy top brands are becoming, but also speaks to the relevance of Instagram as a network and a market, and how far behind late arrivals will find themselves."

Translation: Brands need to hop on the Instagram wagon, and they need to do it fast.

Just how are brands like McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and Starbucks using Instagram? Well, 60% of the photos posted by top brands are filtered, with Lo-fi being the most popular filter. Simply Measured says that although photos posted with the "Valencia" filter see the most user engagement, they amount to only 7% of all photos posted.

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