Inmates Pathogens: State Prison Exposed To Viruses


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A state prison in west Phoenix, Ariz., could possibly be in danger of blood-borne pathogens, better known as viruses that can be transmitted through body fluids or blood.

Twenty-four inmates may have been exposed to the pathogens Sunday after a nurse from health care provider; Corizon Health Inc. had improperly injected the insulin.

HIV and Hepatitis B and C are three of the viruses that have possibly spread across the prison.

In a study by Oxford Journals titled "Infection Control in Jails and and Prisons," it states some of the most common ways diseases are transmitted in jails and prisons:

“The probability of transmission of potentially pathogenic organisms is increased by crowding, delays in medical evaluation and treatment, rationed access to soap, water, and clean laundry, insufficient infection-control expertise, and prohibitions against the use of proven harm-reduction tools, such as condoms and sterile needle exchange. The abrupt transfer of inmates from one location to another further complicates the diagnosis of infection, interruption of transmission, recognition of an outbreak, performance of a contact investigation, and eradication of disease.”

Following the medical violation, the health care company instantly notified the prison in a written statement.

"Corizon responded to this incident immediately and has assured the department that it will conduct a full investigation of this matter to ensure any potentially affected inmates are treated," Ryan told AZ Family.

This is not the first time the prison has experience a virus-scare.

According to AZ Family:

“There was a similar scare at the same prison in August 2012 when inmates were given medication with a potentially contaminated needle.

A nurse had contaminated an insulin vial while injecting insulin into an inmate who had Hepatitis C. The nurse later used the contaminated vial to give insulin to other inmates, according to state prison records.”

In this case, Corizon has suspended the nurse while an on-going investigation and treatment of those affected are taking place.

Corizon has yet to release a public statement on how the violation occurred.

Image via Youtube, Calmdowncalma