Infographic Explores What The Reddit AMA Can Teach Us About Marketing

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The reddit AMA has proven to be a great marketing vehicle for people trying to promote projects they're involved in, at least for those who are associated with interesting projects (past or present), but what can this Q&A format teach you about marketing in general?

A new infographic from Udemy seeks to answer just that.

"Online marketing strategies can include traditional outbound marketing tactics as well as more modern inbound approaches, but regardless of how you handle online promotion, it's important to keep adapting and improving your approach to maintain effective communication with your audience. Sometimes the best way of broadening your marketing approach is to examine how successful marketing is accomplished in less conventional places," the firm says. "Reddit's popular Ask Me Anything subreddit (r/iAMA) is the perfect example of how 'brands' (in this case, personal brands) can productively interact with their audiences and experience promotional benefits while also providing the value readers are looking for. We analyzed some of the most popular recent AMAs to determine what makes them so engaging and what marketers overall can learn from the exchange."

There are some pretty interesting takeaways here:

Despite some recent turmoil over on reddit, even specifically related to r/iAMA, the subreddit is still home to plenty of Q&As on a regular basis. You might want to stop in and peruse what others have done to get some ideas.

Image via Udemy

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