Inflatable Robots And More Discussed At Google Event [Solve for X]

Chris CrumIT Management

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Google hosted its Solve for X Event last week, and has now released the presentations.

Solve for X is a gathering of scientists, entrepreneurs, and innovators, who come together to present "moonshot" proposals, as Google calls them. These are ideas aimed at solving big problems in the world. It's kind of TED Talks-esque.

Last year's presentations discussed drug delivery, imaging the mind's eye, collaborative science, resource reclamation, etc. You can view some of those here.

Here are some of the new ones on topics like replacing plastics, sustainable meat, inflatable robots, economic energy storage, space exploration, malaria eradication, and Alzheimer's diagnostics:

"One of the reasons we created Solve for X was to provide a collaborative forum to celebrate and help innovators who are in the process of attempting to bring radically innovative solutions to reality—attempting moonshots," say Solve for X creators/co-hosts Megan Smith and Astro Teller. "Moonshots aim to make something 10x better, not just 10 percent. We need many more of us to take on and support moonshots if we are to solve the seemingly intractable problems we face in the world. To do that, we need to better celebrate the audacity of the attempt itself—at the start and in process."

Google has updated some features on, including the ability to submit moonshots, "join and declare your X" and watch more ideas from other partners.

Chris Crum
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