inFamous: Second Son Proves Next Gen Isn't All About The Graphics


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Let's go back to February of last year. Sony revealed the PS4 for the first time and its main focus was on two things - ease of development and powerful visuals. Since then, all we've been hearing about is just how pretty PS4 games are. Well, the developers behind inFamous: Second Son think we should be hearing about something else.

In a new trailer for inFamous: Second Son, the game's audio engineers get to take a brief step into the spotlight to talk about the work that went into creating the sounds for the game. It's definitely something most gamers take for granted, but the team believes that their work will lend itself to even greater immersion as everything will sound like its real world counterpart. They went out into the field and and gathered dozens of different sounds - like metal scraping on concrete or metal screeching across another piece of metal. All of these sounds will combine together as players destroy buildings and structures to give you a sense of place.

The team also brags about Sony's own hardware as they have developed a custom sound profile for Sony's new PS4 headset. With it, players will be able to experience what may perhaps be the best audio mix for the game. That being said, it's not like they're leaving everybody else out. They even specifically mention that they kept the player who has a TV with a broken speaker in mind.

inFamous: Second Son launches March 21 exclusively for the PS4.

Image via PlayStation/YouTube