'Infamous: Second Son' Powers Previewed in New Video

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With Microsoft leaning heavily onto Titanfall for the success of the Xbox One, Sony is preparing to launch its own big next-gen exclusive next month with InFamous: Second Son. Today Sony and developer Sucker Punch released a new preview showing off some of the superhuman powers players will be able to wield in the game.

Second Son has already been previewed heavily, revealing that players will take on the role of Delsin, a young man with significant gifts. As Delsin, players will be able to wield multiple superpowers and use them to either help or hurt other characters in the game.

It's the help or hurt aspect that is emphasized in this new preview. Though new looks at both the the smoke and neon powers are included in the video, so are some very revealing cutscene teasers. The game's developers reveal that character progression and even story elements will change depending on how players interact with Sucker Punch's version of Seattle:

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