Indiana Jones Runs For His Life in Central Park

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Last week Improv Everywhere (the “no pants subway ride” troupe) released the first of its "Movies in Real Life" series. The first event had an actor dressed as Rocky Balboa run through the streets of Philadelphia, re-creating the famous workout scene from Rocky II. One hundred children were also recruited for the video, which quite obviously brought plenty of smiles to Philadelphia residents.

Today, the second video in the series has been released. It depicts a re-enactment of the famous opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark, in which Indiana Jones outruns a giant boulder trap. In this version, Indy runs from Central Park holding the prized golden idol and brings it to the American Museum of Natural History (because that's where it belongs):

According to an Improv Everywhere blog post, the hollow boulder was created out of paper mâché and foam. The "drivers" inside the boulder were strapped in and used a GoPro camera in the front of the boulder and a pair of video glasses to chase Dr. Jones around the park.

A new video in the "Movies in Real Life" series is scheduled to be released every Tuesday throughout the fall.

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