Images Of iOS For Cars Leak On Twitter


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It's no secret that Apple wants to get in your car. Back in June of last year, Apple announced that it would be bringing iOS 7 to cars with voice controls provided by Siri. While iOS 7 is already out, a car-specific UI is nowhere to be seen. Well, that is until now.

On Tuesday, Twitter user @stroughtonsmith shared a series of images that appear to be what iOS will look like when it's used in conjunction with a vehicle. It's obviously a very early build as the only app available in this mode is Apple's own Maps app. Even then, the pictures provide a great look at what may end up being the UI Apple uses for iOS in the car.

So, how did @stroughtonsmith get access to what appears to Apple's answer to Google's Open Automative Alliance? No clue, but we've sent a request @stroughtonsmith a request for comment and will update this story if we hear back. At the moment, those replying to the images seem to think he was able to gain access to this mode through the developer version of iOS 7. While that's likely the case, we've also reached out to Apple for their take on the images.

If it turns out that these images are real, we're likely very close to an announcement of a new car mode for iOS. What's unclear at this point is if Apple will just release a new UI for iOS 7 that's activated when you're in the car or if Apple will be going the Google route by working with automotive manufacturers to integrate iOS into the vehicles themselves. With this being Apple, my bet's on the former.

[h/t: chiploco] Image via @stroughtonsmith/Twitter