If You're Going to Rob an Internet Cafe, You Should Probably Log Out of Facebook

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Few things have come along in the last century that have given the population the opportunity to display such a high level of idiocy quite like Facebook. Of course, people all around the world have been doing stupid things for hundreds and hundreds of years - but ever since Facebook popped up and started making everything public, it just feels like people are getting dumber.

Especially criminals.

Quick fact about me: I love nothing more than stupid criminals. I delight in bringing you the stories of one particular kind of stupid criminal - the Facebook idiot. The fun thing about that task is that there's a plethora of such idiots out there, doing stupid stuff involving Facebook every day. Today, we take a trip to Colombia to find our latest jackasses.

In northern Cali, Colombia, two men went into an internet cafe, sat down, and began to browse Facebook. Our geniuses spent a little bit of time browsing other parts of the internets before making their way to the cashier desk to pay for the rendered services. Some of you can see where this is going - our guys didn't really feel like paying. Instead, they demanded all the cash in the register, stole a motorcycle, and made their getaway.

Only one problem - Idiot #1 forgot to log out of Facebook.

As you can imagine, after this lapse in judgement, Colombian officials didn't have too hard of a time procuring the assailant's home address. He was arrested shortly thereafter.

It's clear that some people just can't resist the allure of social networking - even with robbery on their minds. This isn't the first time we've heard of something like this happening. Back in the States in 2009, a Pennsylvania man was arrested after he broke in to a house, stole a couple of diamond rings, and left his Facebook page open on the victim's home computer.

Just a few weeks ago, a Kentucky man decided to do something truly idiotic - syphon gas from a police cruiser. Then, when you thought he couldn't get any dumber, he surprised everyone nobody by putting a photo of the crime on Facebook.

Last year saw a few notable Facebook idiots. Between the guy posting activity of his vandalism on Facebook to the dude who taunted cops to find him via the social network (they did), we see that Facebook dumbasses know no geographical boundaries.

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