Grows to Two Million in Six Months

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Startup is meeting with remarkable success in its mere six months of existence. The Facebook-based data analytics company has doubled in size nearly every month since its September 2011 launch.

The company owes its success primarily to users from the younger generations. According to, current Identified users average just 23.5 years-old, with 90 percent under 35 and nearly 60 percent under 25 years-old. Users under 35 years-old make up only 40 percent of competitor site LinkedIn, which appeals more to older demographics.

"The Facebook generation does not exist on LinkedIn, which is dominated by more experienced professionals, or on outdated job boards, which are not in tune with the social generation," said co-founder and co-CEO Brendan Wallace. "Identified's young users love that they can create and control their professional profile online separate from their Facebook profile. This is clearly resonating with them. At this rate of growth we expect to hit 25 million active users by June, predominantly under age 35."

A two-way street serving both job seekers and HR departments, Identified's driving concept is the Identified Score, a metric derived from the work history, education, and demographic data of 247 million Facebook users, as well as the hiring behaviors of thousands of companies. In short, when you create an Identified profile and link it to your Facebook account, the company's algorithms digest your life's details and let you know where you fall--from 0 to 100--on the hiring desirability scale. Recruiters then use this score to identify likely candidates, and to rank applicants based on their qualifications. If you don't like your score, you can add further information to your account and see if that makes a difference. Participating companies are also assigned an Identified Score.

Identified looks to have identified a market niche pretty well in choosing to go after Millenials. Members of this generation are already at home in their existing social profiles, and are pretty shrewd about emerging social platforms. To gain their patronage, a new platform has to be intuitive, useful, and--generally--easily linked to their other accounts. Identified has made it easy for Millenials to integrate their data into the new platform.

The company is also aggressively marketing their services at events that attract talented young professionals, like this year's Game Developer's Conference.

What about industry leader LinkedIn? I wouldn't delete my profile just yet. Identified may be making waves early in its young life, but even its projected growth to 25 million users will be a drop in the bucket compared to the older, more experienced platform's 150 million. LinkedIn's profits may have slumped in 2011, but the company will likely dominate user share for quite a while yet.

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