Idaho Hockey Fans Sue Arena Over Beer Prices


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Almost everyone has been charged too much for a beer at some point in their life, but how many people actually do something about it? Idaho hockey fans have made news by suing the owner of a hockey arena over the beer prices.

The arena has tried to trick its customers up until now, and they are able to, because at a sporting event, there is not much of a choice. The arena has been serving beer in "small" cups for $4, and "large" cups for $7, although the same amount of beer is deceptively poured into both sizes of cups.

A handful of frustrated hockey fans at the arena, which is located in Boise, Idaho, are suing for their deceptive beer sales. The smaller cups are wider, and the taller cups are more narrow, but the height can give the illusion that they are capable of holding more beer, which it is simply not true.

The lawsuit is being brought on by Brady Peck, Michele Bonds. and William and Brittany Graham. They are seeking $10,000 in damages. They have all been attending events at the arena for several years, and have been tricked into purchasing the large cups of beer on multiple occasions.

Wyatt Johnson, the group's attorney, wrote the lawsuit to CenturyLink arena. In the statement, he said "While different shapes, both cup sizes hold substantially the same amount of liquid and are not large versus small in actual capacity. Defendants knowingly sold each of their beers in a similar manner at each event held at the arena where beer was sold for at least the last five years."

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday, and came just two days after another hockey fan posted a video on YouTube of what the fan said was a beer purchased at CenturyLink Arena on March 8. In the video, the patron holds a large cup of beer, and pours it into an empty small cup. In both cups, the beer reaches nearly to the brim.

CenturyLink arena is home to the Idaho Steelheads hockey team, which has its fans incredibly angry over the deception in beer prices. In addition to operating as a hockey rink, the area has been host to concerts, and other events, and is also home to the Idaho Stampede, an NBA development league.

The Idaho hockey fans are clearly justified in their lawsuit, and people tend to complain about the high prices of beer, and other things, at sporting events all the time. Stories such as this one could make people wonder how many other places around the country do the same thing, and if the case is successful, maybe some changes can be made.

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