Ice-T Disrespected By Wife On Instagram

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As most of us know, social media can get you into some big trouble if you aren't careful about what you say/upload. With the latest age of technology--when everyone has a smartphone and immediate access to what you share of your private life--it's pretty much a given that when you document something naughty, or even something that can be misconstrued as naughty, you will be busted.

That's what happened recently to actor/former rapper Ice-T when he discovered photos of his wife Coco getting cozy with another man, rapper AP9, on the man's Instagram account. The account has since been deleted, but not quickly enough for the trouble to start. Ice started venting on Twitter about the photos, saying he was "not happy" and that the pics were "disrespectful".

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Coco also posted on Twitter about the incident, saying that the photos were perfectly innocent and that nothing was going on between her and AP9. She later apologized and admitted that they were disrespectful to her husband.

It appears the couple has patched things up, however, since Coco has been tweeting about being on the "Law & Order" set with Ice. She thanked her fans on Twitter for their support and says she's staying positive about her relationship.

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