I Stand With Phil Petition Inches Closer To Goal In Spite Of Setbacks

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When Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson was accused of gay bashing, many of his fans spoke out in support. A website called IStandWithPhil was created along with a petition that currently contains over 200,000 signatures. The petition is addressed to A&E, the network that airs Duck Dynasty and has chosen to suspend Robertson from the show. The petitions was created by the Christian group Faith Driven Consumer.

While Twitter has been a place for many people to voice their opinions on the topic of Robertson and his comment about homosexuality, many Twitter users and Robertson supporters complained that Twitter was not allowing them to post links to the IStandWithPhil petition. When users attempted to share a link on the site, they got a message saying that the link could not be posted and claiming that the post contained malware or was considered spam.

Some people accused Twitter of taking sides and claimed that their posts were being blocked on purpose. The group who created the IStandWithPhil site and the petition claims that their site does not contain any malware or viruses.

Twitter reps claimed that the URL was accidentally interpreted as spam, which is why it was blocked. Twitter removed the block on December 23. Since the block was removed, the petition has gotten much closer to its goal of 250,000 signatures. It should reach its goal in the next couple of days.

Do you plan to sign the petition and do you think Twitter was purposely censoring posts that linked to the website?

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