'I Dream Of Jeannie' Costume Worn By Barbara Eden At Charity Event

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The iconic I Dream Of Jeannie costume was donned by Barbara Eden during a charity event over the weekend.

People reports that Eden wore her now-famous I Dream of Jeannie costume at the Life Ball charity event in Vienna over the weekend. Eden, 78, still looked great in the costume that made her a household name in 1965. She hung out on stage in costume with former president Bill Clinton. There's got to be a weird cross over fan-fiction in there somewhere, but we'll save that for another time.

I Dream Of Jeannie hasn't been on the air since it was canceled in 1970 after five years of fulfilling America's wishes. Eden did, however, reprise her role as Jeannie for two made-for-TV films in I Dream Of Jeannie: 15 Years Later and I Still Dream Of Jeannie. With Eden adorning her Jeannie costume after more than 20 years, fans will undoubtedly request that she star in a third film. At best, we'll probably get a film reboot with a younger star while Eden cameos.

Either way, Eden reprising her role as Jeannie surely raised plenty of money at Europe's largest charity event dedicated to AIDS and HIV research.

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