Hunger Games App: Will The Odds Be In YOUR Favor?


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If you’ve always wanted to know how you would fare in the Hunger Games universe, then there is good news.

Kabam, an interactive video game company, recently announced plans to bring the popular series to mobile devices everywhere.

Lionsgate will be throwing its full weight behind the development of a mobile app. Between this and talk of a possible theme park, it's clear they're hoping the series will be another cash cow akin to what the Harry Potter series is for rival studio Warner Bros.

Kent Wakeford, Kabam's chief operating officer, said in a statement that Lionsgate "has an unparalleled track record of developing and producing blockbuster movie franchises." Wakeford expects that the two companies will work together to produce a game "that's as much fun to play as the movie is to watch."

This is a huge promise to make to enthusiastic HG fans.

Millions of fans fell in love with the Hunger Games novels before Jennifer Lawrence ever put her personal stamp on the Katniss Everdeen character.

In much the same way Harry Potter fans have enjoyed opportunities to participate in the world of Rowling, fans of the dystopian novels will love any chance to interact with and participate in this fandom.

How will the game play out?

It's expected that players will belong to one of the twelve districts.

When chosen to participate in the Games, the player will try to build alliances and work towards liberation in much the same way as what plays out in the series.

Lionsgate's executive vice president of digital media Danielle DePalma expects that the finished product "will let fans feel as if they are in the middle of the action."

Kabam, a San Francisco-based company, usually creates games that are free-to-play. Their income usually comes via ads. Will Lionsgate let them put out a free game for fans? There's know way of knowing just yet.

The game is expected to be developed through Kabam's studio in China.

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