Humanity Can Rest Easy Knowing That They're Better Than Robots At Angry Birds

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The robot uprising is one of those what-if scenarios that's truly horrifying. Robots can't feel pain or remorse. They are the perfect killers and we would be so screwed if they were ever to gain self-awareness. Even if it ever comes to that, we can at least flaunt our gaming skills while they crush us with their metal hands.

Jason Huggins, co-founder of Sauce Labs, recently showed off a new robot that's built to play Angry Birds. He says that it started out as an art project, but he now has even grander plans for this new robot that he has called "BitbeamBot." He fully intends to use it for mobile Web testing.

If you only want to watch the robot play Angry Birds, skip to the 13 minute mark. You will see some pretty poor attempts by the robot to fing some birds into the pigs that stole their eggs. It warms my heart to know that humanity and our superior fingers will lead us to a final battle of Angry Birds against the robots. It's our only chance to survive and the robots won't know what hit them.

Of course, they could just rage after we defeat them in Angry Birds and crush us like the puny meat bags we are. In that case, I suggest you take up paradox training to fry their brains. My personal favorite is "Does a set of all sets contain itself?" That will definitely explode the brains of all robots nearby while also maybe killing a few of your idiot friends.

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